Our History


The story of the Pratrivero spa company is intertwined with the history of the Barberis Canonico family.
The first official reference of a textile activity relating to the family as clothes producers, is evidenced in a document of the Comune of Trivero, dated 20th of August 1663. Ajmo Barbera, descendant and namesake of the head of the family, registered on the "Quinternetto delle Taglie" a payment made to the Duke of Savoy and vassal of the area, a payment made partly in cash and partly with fabric, "grey twill", as way of barter.


The history of the Barberis Canonico family and the history of the town of Pratrivero developed in parallel and in a complementary manner, for three and a half centuries, with fascinating human and entrepreneurial events, which followed 13 generations, until modern times.

A few significant milestones, characterize the recent history.
In 1936 the partnership between the brothers Oreste and Vitale dissolved and Lanificio Oreste Barberis Canonico was founded.
In 1964 the woollen mill transformed into Filatura Cardata di Pratrivero.
In 1982 upon the intuition of Carlo Barberis Canonico, the transition to the production of non-woven fabric began.
In 1986 the entire production activity was focussed on the production of non-woven fabric and Pratrivero srl was formed.
In 2003 following a joint venture with the Radici family Pratrivero spa was born. A few years later the family took over all of the shares held by the Radici Group.
And recently the 14th generation has made its entry into the company, it would be fair to say that "the story continues!"