Textiles since 1663

Today Pratrivero SpA, under the guidance of Paolo and Sergio Barberis Canonico, is the world leader in the production of non-woven fabric using stitchbond technology. Stitchbond is used in various sectors: in furnishing, especially for the production of mattresses or sofas, in advertising banners, in footwear, in packaging as well as the automotive industry. The factory of Pratrivero is the historical site of the business, as well as the company's Headquarters. It produces all the greiges which are needed to supply the other plants.
The factory in Gandino in the province of Bergamo is responsible for the ennoblement of the non-woven fabric with finishings, printing and dyeing. At the end of the various processing steps a specialized, automated department takes care of the final quality control. Through consistent investment in both techology and procedures, the total waste resulting from defectiveness is less than 3% and is constantly decreasing.
The factory in Greenville, South Carolina in the United States, takes care of the processing and special finishing treatments of greige for the North-American market.
Pratrivero SpA's production system is the most modern and efficient in the world, in the sector of non-woven stitchbond fabric.
The ancient tradition combined with modern technology and the training of an extremely qualified workforce, have allowed us to bring stitchbond, a product commonly positioned in the lower end of the market, to a high-end level of quality with unique characteristics.

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Pratrivero spa Biella

Pratrivero Italy


Pratrivero s.p.a. Headquarter
Fr. Pratrivero, 51 - 13835 Valdilana - Biella - Italia
Tel. +39 015 7388880 - Fax +39 015 779175 -

Pratrivero spa Gandino

Gandino Italy


Pratrivero s.p.a.
Loc. Pratobello, 36 - 24024 Gandino - Bergamo - Italia
Tel. +39 035 733955 - Fax +39 035 733628 -

Pratrivero spa Greenville

Greenville usa


Pratrivero U.S.A. Inc.
Inc. 50, Commerce Center - 29615 Greenville, SC. USA
Tel. +1 864 2340322 - Fax +1 864 2970312 -


Our History


The story of the Pratrivero spa company is intertwined with the history of the Barberis Canonico family. The first official reference of a textile activity relating to the family as clothes producers, is evidenced in a document of the Comune of Trivero, dated 20th of August 1663. Ajmo Barbera, descendant and namesake of the head of the family, registered on the "Quinternetto delle Taglie" a payment made to the Duke of Savoy…

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Stitchbond is a non-woven textile made by mechanically interlocking fibers webs with continuous filaments.

• THE PRINTED STITCHBOND Patterns and colours, are performing exceptionally, using any kind of printing technology.
• THE DYED STITCHBOND depending on the composition, every dyeing method can be used, foulard/jigger/high pressure obtaining any desired colour.

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Through the air purification systems, the proper use of water resources and the reduction of the carbon footprint , we achieved considerable levels of compliance with the strictest Italian and European laws.